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Upholstery Cleaning Service 

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Carpets and upholstery may be two different things but they are cleaned almost the same way. They use the same tools and techniques, which is why many carpet cleaners also offer upholstery cleaning services. And just like carpets, upholstery must be cleaned regularly to make sure that they don’t become the breeding ground of grime, dirt, and bacteria.  

Cleaning Service

Furniture and upholstery must some of the things that are frequently used in homes. And so, they are very susceptible to spills and stains. It’s not uncommon for upholstery cleaners to find soda, food, wine, coffee, and even pet stains on furniture. And it is their job to remove them.  

Common Upholstery Cleaning Methods 

One of the most effective methods of cleaning upholstery is through steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is also used on carpets and it uses special cleaning solutions that can eliminate allergens, pollens, and grains. This method can revive furniture and give it a fresh clean look. Aside from steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning services also use the following methods.  

  1. Vacuuming

A special type of vacuum head is used to clean upholstery in the same way that carpets are cleaned. All the dirt and dust trapped in the fibers of the upholstery will be completely removed by the vacuum cleaner, thus giving it a whole new look.  

  1. Spot treatment 

If your upholstery has stains, then it has to be treated separately. The use of non-toxic chemicals in removing stains is highly recommended as non-toxic chemicals are great for kids and pets. They won’t add to the elements in the air that can affect their health.  

  1. Shampooing

Upholstery may have to be shampooed if it really needs it. However, this is only true for applicable upholstery and furniture pieces. There will be furniture that can be washed and there are those that can’t be washed. To be sure, ask professional upholstery cleaners about it.  

  1. WaterExtraction 

For furniture and upholstery that can be washed, a water extraction method has to be used to dry it up faster. If shampooing is essential, then water extraction is the method that comes next. Both methods require special tools that only the professionals have.  

  1. Polishing

After the upholstery has been cleaned, the only thing left to do is to polish the metal frames, if the furniture has it. They have to be polished well so that they match the elegance of the newly washed, shampooed, and rinsed furniture.  

Hire Professionals Today 

If you want an upholstery cleaning service that is undoubtedly the best, you must go out and hire professional carpet and upholstery cleaners who hold the necessary industry certifications or visit austin house cleaning. You’ll be most benefitted by their many years of service in the industry. Hire them for your carpet, upholstery, furniture, tile, and grout cleaning needs. They may also provide residential and commercial cleaning services to your convenience.  

You’ll know if you need upholstery cleaning services if you own non-leather couches, recliners, love seats, chairs, barstools, and ottomans. The way to clean these items is only with the help of professional upholstery cleaners. Contact them today.  

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