Why You Should Ensure Diesel Fuel Quality 

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Diesel engines are designed to maximize the performance of your car through efficient fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. You may already know that a diesel engine that’s working optimally is quiet, smooth, and powerful.  However, all of these things rely on the quality of diesel fuel that you use. Today’s technology now allows for the improvement of the diesel engine and the fuel itself for better performance while on the road.  

Diesel Fuel

However, there are some things that you have to know about diesel engines and one of them is the fact that it tends to deteriorate. Diesel fuel is a refined type of fuel that may only have a lifespan of 30 days. After 30 days, diesel goes through the natural process of oxidation. As with everything else, oxidation is process that has to be avoided as much as possible.  

The Truth About Diesel Fuel  

When diesel oxidizes, certain types of impurities, such as varnishes and gums will start to form in the fuel. It means that the molecules of the fuel start to lengthen and bond together. The gums and varnishes will accumulate in the bottom of the tank and become sludge.  That’s the reason why diesel fuel turns dark, starts to smell bad, and causes engine trouble. 

A smoking engine happens when the impurities in the fuel start passing through the engine filtration system all the way to the combustion chamber. And then, clusters will form and they will eventually increase in size. When that happens, only a small amount of fuel will get burned. The rest will go out the exhaust system as smoke. You’re now wasting a lot of money on fuel that you wasn’t able to use. Fuel efficiency has failed in your engine.  

Why Diesel Failure Happens 

About 8 out of every 10 failures in diesel engines are caused by poor quality or contaminated fuel.  Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as poor engine maintenance. However, it is the build-up of the impurities or contamination in the fuel or storage tanks that clog the filters, which would eventually cause the engine to shut down. And when that happens, extensive damage will be sustained by the engine. 

This is the reason why you should be very picky when choosing your fuel and meticulous in cleaning up the engine. The high demand in diesel fuel is somehow forcing manufacturers to cut corners so they can sell fuel faster into the market. They no longer keep the diesel in the refinery long enough for the impurities to natural separate and settle so that they can remove it and offer clean fuel.  

What You Can Do About It  

To ensure that your diesel engine gets optimum care and maintenance, send it in for regular check-ups. Look for companies that are experts in diesel maintenance services and repairs in your area and let them give your car engine a thorough look. They will tell you if there are a lot of impurities in the engine and how to get them removed accordingly. They would also tell you what to do to keep the problem from happening again. 

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